Friday, July 6, 2007

unusual suspects @ barrister's gallery

Barrister's new space on st. claude is a cornerstone in the reconfiguration of this street as an art district, a great alternative to julia. The gallery space itself is a nice renovation of Andy's downstairs. I especially like the wall of doors in the back.

Each artist in this group show takes on different guises. Disguises are commonplace in a city where a large portion of the population is used to putting on costumes at least once a year. Of course, when you are showing with the art cops, it might be best to hide your identity.
tim best's suit is vacuous and lost in an existential void. The man in a suit was once perhaps the artists' antithesis, but the 1980's made even the artist a businessman, just with a more relaxed suit. I'm glad to see the introduction of gumballs, which hints at larger and more expressive possibilities. Most clowns I see these days seem to be of the drunk, sad, pathetic, and violent variety. This must be some new archetype that has hit a vein with a certain demographic. I'm not sure how Dan tague sees his photos fitting into this, but his clown is fittingly down and out. HIs pieces ride the edge of dumbness & numbness. Daphne Loney's women are animals, but big, clunky plastic headed animals, best when caught posing in their natural habitat of casual and banal domesticity.

As an artist, i'm afraid to say anything about the art cops for fear of repercussions. I demand an independent, outside investigative committee to look into their activities.

my haiku art review

suits, clowns, and horse girls,

every artwork is a crime.

what are they hiding?

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ARTinACTION said...

Lovely lovely haiku.