Sunday, July 15, 2007

call for NOLA artists in Chicago ASAP

Call for NOLA artists for Chicago show posted by Karen Louise Crain, July 15, 2007:

Heather Weathers told me about this Call for Artists for this upcoming Katrina- related show in Chicago. Curated by NOLA native Michelle Mashon the deadline is coming up QUICK—This Wednesday, July 18th!
The great news is that there is no submission fee, artists get 100% of the sale price and shipping is free! I’ve asked the curator for more info on where the show will be and what the exact dates of the show are and will pass those on in a comment to this post when I get an answer. But with the deadline coming so soon I wanted to post asap….

I thought David’s comments a couple of weeks ago on this blog regarding William Steacy were really interesting and the record number of comments suggests how resonate the post was. My thoughts on the subject are far more nuanced than this, but the bottom line is that if we want authentic “Katrina art” we have to make it ourselves and make sure it gets out there. Here’s a chance for us to represent in Chicago….Below is a statement by the curator, along with a bio on her, followed by more info on the show and submission process.

click here to download the curator's statement and application form


Alternative Arts New Orleans said...

The show will be September 8 in Chicago at Quennect4, a funky multi-disciplinary space as a one night only happenin...

With the group shipping, artists will probably have
their work shipped back the week of the 8th. The art
can remain in the space until the end of the month,
but it is uninsured and they will have to arrange
shipping on their own.

michelle said...

thanks Karen for posting this! the show's going to be amazing- i only wish i'd been able to fly performers from NOLA in. next time, next time...
it's funny when people here ask about the admission donation they ask where the money is going b/c they expect it to be for charity always. i tell them it's paying the artists and if they want to support New Orleanians, buy visual art b/c it helps the artists directly. it just seems funny to me that people only feel like they're helping if they can attach an organization name to their money....