Thursday, July 5, 2007

haiku reviews of cac shows i saw in june, ending soon

"Making 10 Years – Ammar Eloueini", downstairs and already down, this showed the work of Ammar Eloueini, an associate professor in the Tulane School of Architecture. Now i need a rapid prototyping machine, if anyone wants to share.

my haiku art review:

clear, cut plastic

folded in space or stacked up

commerce meets culture

Rachel Jones - "multiples" installation in the circle gallery until July 8
Rachel's show is the first in the CAC's new Emerge Project installations in the circle gallery. The CAC is still in the midst of post-k shakeup, Perhaps the CAC will become a center for contemporary art of new orleans as well as for new orleans.
although Rachel's foray into installation is somewhat timid, it works well inside the oval. Rachel is an accomplished painter. I enjoyed seeing her brushwork slowly escape the service of representation, and strike out on its own itinerary within the cut plastic shapes. All of the paintings are cut from a plastic paper, mostly floating or falling women of various shapes and sizes. Rachel does throw some other ingredients into the mix, from the standard tv to the more intriguing fox and mouse. It would be interesting to see how these pieces would work in a more focused, and intentional, installation.

my haiku art review:

sinuous brushwork,

cut paper on oval walls.

the careful fox steps.

SPEAK (AGAIN) MEMORY: Carlos Estevéz and Mario Petrirena
In the Lupin Foundation Gallery (upstairs) through July 22, 2007
Carlos Estevéz drawings appealed to my fetish for detail and occult symbology. They are like pages from a pan cultural medieval alchemical manual. Although sometimes they veered into a style that seemed a bit dated, they are beautiful drawings. I'm looking forward to finding one of these in a bottle the next time I'm at the beach. I was less interested in the sculptural and photographic installations of Petrirena. They were generally unimaginative. The laces doilies were amazing though.

my haiku art review:

drawings in bottles

beautiful and intricate

installations not

As you can tell my haiku skill is nascent and runs out rapidly. -DS

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