Thursday, July 5, 2007

Arts initiatives panel

In the middle of the summer in new orleans, it is hard to even think about activism, much less actually go out to see some artists talk about it. i was glad to see so many folks there. With so many needs in this city, it is up to artists to demonstrate the importance and relevance of art and artists to the community. This panel was the first of a new program called Art Sessions: A Series of Discussions on Contemporary Visual Art put on by louisiana artworks. Five different artist/organizers talked about the projects they had put together.

Kyle Bravo, ofHot Iron Press spoke about their press and the new orleans book fair. they also have a visiting artist program. Their work looks great, so check them out.

Erik Kieswetter, talked about the print project, Constance. The next issue will be coming soon and they are looking for submissions.

Elizabeth Underwood, started art in action to showcase and encourage artists creating work that engages our current city landscape. She is always willing to discuss ideas for projects.

Owen Murphy, from the new orleans photo alliance discussed the benefits of artists organizing to accomplish what they want. Any photographers interested should contact the alliance.

Dan Tague spoke about his development as a freelance curator in response to the opportunities available to artists in new orleans. His current project is NOVA, a new orleans visual artists registry. Take a look at the site and apply to the registry.

The panel was ably moderated by one of new orleans's premier activists, Jackie Bishop.
Before you sink back into summer slumber, muster what initiative you might have left and talk to some of these folks. If they aren't doing what you think should be done, they might be able to help you organize your own arts initiative. - DS

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