Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot Iron Press Call For Visiting Artists - Printmaking Residency

How the program works:

Selected artists may use the Hot Iron Press letterpress and silkscreen
facilities in New Orleans for free for a period of up to two weeks in order
to work on and complete their proposed project. We welcome all artists to
apply - from those with no prior printmaking experience to seasoned
printmaking experts. Hot Iron Press staff will be available in whatever
capacity the artist needs - anything from occasional technical assistance to
hands-on collaboration in the art-making process. The ultimate goal of the
program is for the artist to use our facilities to complete an editioned
work of art. Upon completion, the artist retains 3/4 of their edition while
Hot Iron Press receives the other 1/4 to sell in our online catalog, display
in art shows, or use for other promotional purposes. While visiting artists
are allowed to use our facilities for free, they are also expected to
provide paper for their project at their own expense as well as any other
items they may need that we don't have on hand. It is also the artist's
responsibility to find and pay for his or her own accomodations and
transportation while in New Orleans, though we can be of assistance in
helping locate affordable options.

Our facilities include:

Showcard sign press (printing area of up to 14.5" x 44.5")

Showcard sign press (printing area of up to 22.5" x 28")

Vandercook Universal I proofing press (printing area of up to 21" x 15")

Chandler and Price guillotine paper cutter (cuts up to 30" x 30" and 3.5"

120 different typefaces

Various old cuts and engravings

Vaccuum table with hinge clamps for silkscreen (printing surface area of up
to 36" x 60")

Exposure unit (capable of burning image area up to 26" x 42")

Various size silkscreens

Various inks - acrylic for silkscreen; rubber-based, oil-based, and
water-based for letterpress or relief

AB Dick 360 offset press (prints up to 11" x 17")

Drying rack

How to submit a proposal:

There is no deadline for proposals as this program is open year-round.
Interested artists should submit a detailed written description of their
proposed project accompanied by some sort of visual representation of what
they're envisioning (sketches, photos, etc.). Additionally, artists must
submit a resume and 10 to 20 images of previous work (jpegs are preferred,
but slides may also be sent). Proposals may be submitted by email to
or by regular mail to
Hot Iron Press
1422 Kentucky St.
New Orleans, LA 70117.
Any questions can be directed to Kyle at 504-920-3980.

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