Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Studio In The Woods Restoration Residency

Deadline January 4

A Studio in the Woods continues to offer Restoration Residencies into 2008 in order to give New Orleans artists the opportunity to rebuild their artistic lives and by extension contribute to and even inspire the rebuilding of our city.

Month-long Restoration Residencies are specifically designed for local visual artists, musicians, composers, writers and performing artists who experienced significant loss due to the hurricane and the failure of the federal levees, and who are in the process of reconstructing their lives and artistic careers here in New Orleans.

Restoration Residencies provide lodging, food, studio space and uninterrupted time in the rustic, natural setting in a bottomland hardwood forest on the West Bank of New Orleans. Also provided are transportation costs to and from New Orleans and within the city, a $2000 stipend and supply costs up to $1000.

March 9 April 6 (Application due January 4, notification by January 15) April 10 May 8 (Application due January 4, notification by January 15)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quintron's "Metal Machine Music"

Quintron delivers a Drum Buddy to a special client -
Reblogged from Rhizome - see link

Friday, December 14, 2007

Convening at LA Artworks SUNDAY

From LA Artworks director Joy Glidden:

On December 16th from 3-5 PM, Louisiana ArtWorks will be holding the December artists’ convening session. We will be meeting at the Louisiana ArtWorks building, at 725 Howard Avenue. Artists in attendance will have the opportunity to voice problems, suggest solutions, share opportunities and resources, and discuss trends.
We will also be giving a tour of the Louisiana ArtWorks building, including the metalworking, ceramics, glassblowing, and printmaking workshops, as well as the artists’ studios. The convenings have been a fascinating component of Louisiana ArtWorks programming thus far; please join us on the 16th and help us continue to move them forward!
Pass the word to other artists, and be there promptlyat 3pm this Sunday.


Last weekend for DesCours, thanks to humidhaney for the concise arrangement of all the events in the order below.
also see Doug MacCash's blog for info and some photos

723 Ursuline Ave. -- Michael Fox and Juintow Lin (FoxLin)
828 N. Rampart St. -- Marcella Del Signore
831 Dauphine St. -- Allison Kudla
926 Orleans Ave. -- Howeler Yoon Architecture
926 Toulouse St. -- FutureProof
726 Saint Peter St. (Preservation Hall) -- Noel Fisher

1015 Canal St. -- David Sullivan
920 Canal St. -- Anonymous
920 Canal St. -- Nano
800 Canal St. -- Nano
800 Canal St. -- Atomless
700 Canal St. -- Noah Klersfeld

NOTE: These shows open on Dec. 10.
2448 N. Villere St. -- Erica Gangsei
1338 Arts St., -- Edward Bekkerman, Lisa Lozano and Gayle Laird
2459 N. Villere St. -- Janice Bellatto
1335 Music St. -- Natsu
2457 N. Villere St. -- Margaret Evangeline
2449 N. Villere St. -- Anne Senstad

1031 Annunciation St. (Dixie Steel Mills) -- Victor Jones (FievreJones)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Art (Star) Fantasies and other Sundry Items

I'm so intrigued by the "come to new orleans and make an artwork" movement. Several approaches to this process are emerging, from the official Prospect 1 Biennial "get-invited-spend-a-little-time-here" approach; to the Brad Pitt money-where-his-mouth-is approach (that's certainly community based! see photo and link); to Takashi Horisaki's self-reliant diy project (which he did get a small grant for from Socrates Sculpture Park); to Art in Action, which faciliates between local and national artists and the N.O. community; to the Paul Chan "put-in-the-time" with the help of Creative Time model of community art; to other sundry people who get grants from elsewhere and arrive (see interview with Mark Bradford and Sam Durant on Transforma website.) And based on my busy weekends, there seems to be alot of artmaking by folks who are pre- and post- storm residents. It feels really active here, but dialogue, other than that of our two local art critics, seems mostly centered around the national artists coming in to town. (**Plug- this is what this website is for, local dialogue...participatory...sorry, that means you! Write something!**;) This is good, right?--all the artists from elsewhere, making work here. And doesn't the "insider - outsider" dichotomy need to be ditched anyway? Maybe each local artist can "adopt" a visiting artist...a welcome wagon... Where is this going?

The Biennal and the crowds it will bring to town have put stars in local artists eyes. There's some talk about New Orleans artists getting together to create their own alternative track to the Biennial. Will alternative, local shows be just another art site for Biennial attendees to fit into their busy schedule? How can local artists leverage our daily lives here to create an alternative that is truly unique? (Art = Life we need you, Linda Montano! Maybe she could come in as a consultant for the local art scene!) But seriously, how can we reframe the Biennial approach to provide a must-see alternative that is more than a bunch of disparate artworks in a warehouse?

Read the linked article and check out the Transforma website, which posits a community based approach to artmaking. It will be interesting to see what community-based projects will be in the Biennial. The Transforma New Orleans project is a beta test for extension of this approach into other cities.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


a couple of holiday events, shop locally y'all

Newcomb Art Department Holiday Sale
Friday and Saturday, December 7th and 8th
10 am – 4 pm, in the Carroll Gallery, Newcomb Art Department
Special Preview for Newcomb Art League Members Thursday, December 6th, 6 – 8 pm
Join that night and enjoy early shopping and a special reception.

The New Orleans Craft Mafia presents…
The Crescent City Craft Market - Holiday Shopping Edition
The Big Top Gallery (504-569-2700)
1638 Clio St. - near Lee Circle, between St. Charles Avenue and Carondelet Street
Sunday, December 9th, 2-6pm

Last Stop Shop at The Big Top
The Big Top Gallery (504-569-2700)
1638 Clio St. - near Lee Circle, between St. Charles Avenue and Carondelet Street
Thursday, December 20th, 6-10pm
Further Info: New Orleans Craft Mafia

Monday, December 3, 2007

Marigny & Bywater Open Studios

This coming weekend Dec 8 & 9 - go check out the wide variety of artists east of Elysian Fields, see link for details.
While you are there, stop by the Recycle for the Arts Art Auction and Oddities Bazaar!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

articles about Godot

Insider and outsider articles about Waiting for Godot. wait wait, which is which?

NYTimes article

NOLA Fugees article

NYTs article is about Paul Chan, his vision and his process as an artist / activist. NOLA Fugees article is a review of the experience of the play from a local's perspective.

Photo NOLA

an amazing lineup of photo-related events from Nov 30 - Dec 15th, check out website for details.