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48 Hour Film School Introduced to New Orleans

yall check out the film and share your thoughts -

February 13, 2007 - New Orleans, LA
As part of its continuing efforts to provide affordable, hands-on
training to aspiring filmmakers, the New Orleans Video Access Center
(NOVAC) and the Digital Filmmaking Institute (DFI) held the first
ever “48 Hour Film School” workshop on January 27-28th. The end
result was a completed short film entitled Breaking Bread which was
produced by workshop participants, edited in one day, and now
available online at

Within the first 24 hours at the LIFT Production Offices, students
learned the basics of pre-production planning and hands-on techniques
in camera/lighting/sound. On day two, the class moved to an Uptown
park, which served as the location for Breaking Bread . While
producing the short film, students received applied set and technical
experience in camera, sound, lighting, production assistance, and
directing. Many students also served as “extras,” with local actors
Kevin Barraco and Tanner playing the lead roles.

Breaking Bread was shot and edited in one day, confirming the belief
of NOVAC executive director Tim Ryan that “anyone with a story to
tell, a technical understanding of the equipment, and a devoted group
of friends/family can produce their own digital films in a short
period of time.”

Jason Vowell and Wylie Whitesides, two local independent filmmakers,
facilitated the workshop. “It’s really important to actually do
instead of teach…A lot of people think it costs a ton of money and
takes a ton of experience to make a good short film….That’s just not
the case anymore. Better quality and lower prices for equipment, and
the ability to broadcast your creations over the Internet, are really
changing the way the world thinks about their entertainment choices.
Our class gave the students an upper hand in that world,” said Vowell.

In addition to the “48 Hour Film School” workshop, NOVAC’s DFI offers
other affordable digital filmmaking training, including the following
upcoming workshops: Introduction to Final Cut Pro (Feb. 24-25,
$225), DV Camera and Lighting (March 10 - $125), and DVD Studio Pro
(March 24-25 $225). In July, NOVAC will also be offering a one-week
digital film camp for teens. Visit for more
information on the first-come, first-served workshop registration

NOVAC Digital Filmmaking Institute
Tim Ryan, NOVAC
(504) 339-4350

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