Thursday, January 17, 2008

The New Orleans Artists Guild

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure & anticipation that I write to you today, formally inviting you to a gathering this SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 at 2:00PM, 828 LESSEPS in the BYWATER (many thanks to poet Lee Grue for opening her home to this event), for a "founders" meeting of THE NEW ORLEANS ARTISTS GUILD.
This will be an all-inclusive, community-wide organization whose singular mission is to manifest the prospective goals & visions of all its members/participants for the purpose of underscoring the vital role and contributions of ARTS & ARTISTS in our dear community.
I can not overstate the importance of YOUR presence at this gathering of New Orleans artists.

The fundamental initiatives set forth for this gathering are:

1. To present clear-sighted objectives & resouces to individuals who wish to establish their own press for the purpose of publishing books, broadsides, journals, magazines & anthologies with the aid The New Orleans Artists Guild.

2. To initiate "outreach programs" for the New Orleans community via the Arts, comprised of members of the New Orleans Artists Guild, to present programs, presentations & workshops specifically designed to engage individiuals in hospices, disabilities homes, elderly homes, juevenile deliquents, etc.

3. To design an on-going curriculum of affordable workshops through the resources of The New Orleans Artists Guild in all the ARTS to be available for all ages city-wide who wish to enroll.

4. To help promote, support & inspire "neighborhood" interest in all currently established & new programs, poetry readings, art openings, etc. through the network of The New Orleans Artists Guild.

As a community, I have every reason to believe that, together, each of our own personal goals can be achieved with a great sense of purpose.

As a catalyst for these endeavors, I will strive for personal encouragement, new-found wisdoms (and old), collaborative ideas, consummate professionalism; and above all else, a thoughtful environment which can provide each individual with the best opportunity to transform their vision into a reality.

With our unwavering strengths & abiding focus as artists helping one another toward our personal objectives, and whose whose mission, and constitution, will provide guidance, inspiration and resources, for projects which otherwise might not have the opportunity to be fully realized, I know 2008 will be an extraordinary year for each of us in this great community.

Please make plans to attend this very special occasion!

Sincerest Regards,
Dave Brinks


2008 In Memorium


Note: 17 Poets! Literary & Performance Series will resume its weekly presentations on Thursday, February 7 @ 8:00pm -- featuring poets JOHN SINCLAIR and LEE GRUE, followed by OPEN MIC

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