Friday, December 14, 2007

Convening at LA Artworks SUNDAY

From LA Artworks director Joy Glidden:

On December 16th from 3-5 PM, Louisiana ArtWorks will be holding the December artists’ convening session. We will be meeting at the Louisiana ArtWorks building, at 725 Howard Avenue. Artists in attendance will have the opportunity to voice problems, suggest solutions, share opportunities and resources, and discuss trends.
We will also be giving a tour of the Louisiana ArtWorks building, including the metalworking, ceramics, glassblowing, and printmaking workshops, as well as the artists’ studios. The convenings have been a fascinating component of Louisiana ArtWorks programming thus far; please join us on the 16th and help us continue to move them forward!
Pass the word to other artists, and be there promptlyat 3pm this Sunday.

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