Monday, November 19, 2007

The Home Repo Project

Installation on home demolition site, in Gentilly
Tuesday 3:30 - 6
1432 Aviators Street, one block from robert e lee towards the river, between st. bernard and paris

[ ] Projects is a collaborative group consisting of three artists: Rachel Jones, Jeff Rinehart, Natalie Sciortino and Fernando Braxton. The Home Repo Project will be the groups' first effort as a collective. Working on the remaining terrazzo floor slab of a flooded home in Lake Vista, [ ] Projects utilizes traditional materials of home construction and domesticity: nails, wood, floor polish, yarn, string and other fabrics. These materials and methods come together to create a type of installation reconstruction atop this existing floor while exploring ideas of growth, spaces, scale, and rebuilding. In addition, a sounds component will be incorporated into the art environment to broaden the depth of the experience as a whole. A small house will also be constructed and raised up in avoidance of potential threats - representative of the current neighborhood and city as a whole. It is these issues of "safety" and "domesticity" that [ ] seeks to address through this space. [ ] Projects also joins with Art in ACtion to promote and further a dialogue not only with other AiA artists, but with the community as a whole.

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