Thursday, September 27, 2007

1 DAY OF ART - NEW ORLEANS - (t)here magazine submissions

On the success of the the first 1 DAY OF ART - NEW YORK and BERLIN, we
are proud to announce -

Artists of all disciplines will gather in NEW ORLEANS for a one day
creative event - 1 DAY OF ART. In this premier (t)here magazine
concept - photographers, writers and visual artists from New Orleans
will participate in an undisclosed editorial assignment. On the
evening of FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, at 9pm, our participants will gather in
one location where they will randomly draw their assigned subject.
Their subsequent content must be executed in one day, and executed
within the city limits of New Orleans. All files and relevant
materials are due at 9pm on SATURDAY OCTOBER 20, at a location to be

The resulting (t)here Issue 11, due for release in SPRING 2008.

You must be living in the city of New Orleans at the present time or
have some connection to New Orleans to participate.

(t)here is dedicated to creating content that is neither edited or
editorialized. It is a museum book that provides an advertising free
flow of original artistic content from beginning to end. In addition,
(t)here hopes to provide a platform for artists of all backgrounds to
come together in one city, rely on the inspirational people, culture,
history, architecture and art of New Orleans to execute a body of

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